Healthy Tips To Start A Daily Workout Routine

Healthy Tips To Start A Daily Workout Routine

Do you want to make working out a part of your daily routine? Exercise has multiple benefits for both physical and mental health. Working out regularly can lift your mood, boost your immune system and improve the quality of your sleep. To receive maximum benefit from your daily workouts, it helps if you incorporate a variety of exercises. This can also help to reduce your chance of injury.

Studies have shown it’s important to integrate four main types of exercise into your routine.


The four types of exercise to include


Endurance-based exercise increases your breathing and heart rate. To build endurance, try aerobic or cardio exercises, like jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling, climbing stairs, or HIIT (High Impact Interval Training).


Strength exercises build your muscles, strengthen bones and help to manage weight. The best type of strength-building workouts incorporate resistance – lifting weights, doing push-ups and arm curls, or using a resistance band.


These exercises can help to prevent falls in the longer term. Work outs which are good for balance include yoga, tai chi, and pilates.


Flexibility exercises increase mobility and reduce pain. Exercises to work out your flexibility include yoga and stretching.


It can be tempting to focus solely on your favourite kind of exercise. However, research has shown that in order to gain the most benefit from your daily routine, it’s important to integrate all four types. Luckily, when you improve in one area (such as endurance), the other areas (for instance, strength exercises) also become easier.

So, now you know what to do, the next and most important step, is finding the motivation to work out every day.


Follow these tips for exercising every day

Start with two minutes

When it comes to creating a new habit, make it as easy as possible to get started. Get into the habit of working out by starting with just two minutes. After you’ve done two minutes, do you want to continue? If so, keep going! If not, show up again tomorrow. It’s showing up, making a start and building a habit that counts here. Consistency is everything.

Make it easy

Don’t give your brain an excuse to over-complicate things.

  • The day before, decide when and where you’re going to work out.
  • Set out the clothes you need in the same, easily-accessed place each day.
  • Prepare your shoes, water bottle, playlist and any other equipment the night before.

Find a class or hire a personal trainer

If you struggle to enjoy or commit to exercising by yourself, make it social. Sign up for fitness classes or try working with a personal trainer. This will help motivate you to exercise, as well as give you direction in your workout plan.

Choose consistency over intensity

If you choose an intense workout every day, you’re likely to burn out. To avoid losing motivation, build in some flexibility and prioritise consistent exercise, rather than sticking to a rigid ‘all or nothing’ plan.

Keep a record

Studies have shown that permanent change comes from reminding yourself of the benefits associated with committing to fitness goals. By writing them down, you can easily keep track of the process. What benefits are you working towards? Maybe you want to feel more energetic, lose weight or build confidence. Make a written record and update it as you move towards your goals.



It can be a challenge to fit exercise into your existing daily schedule. Don’t be afraid to start small – you only need to find brief pockets of time, and commit to showing up each day. Remember to give your muscles time to recover afterwards. Pushing yourself too hard during a workout can be damaging and counterproductive. If you feel lethargic or tired, allow yourself to rest. Finding balance and a routine that works for you is the best way to maintain your new, healthy habit.